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In 2015, Maheux Studios Photography will be focusing more on tangible items than just digital galleries. Sure digital galleries are convenient and easy, but do you download your images to your computer, phone or tablet? Do you back up your photos into the cloud, usb or on an external device? Most couples don't. 

When you have family gatherings or friends over for a game of cards, don't you want to display and show off your beautiful photos? I mean, you spent thousands of dollars to get them taken, show them off! Like I said, digital galleries are easy, convenient. Everyone owns a smartphone, a tablet, laptop or a desktop, so you have easy access to your photos, but there is nothing like having a 20x30 canvas showing off in your living room of the both of you for all to see.

So this is why, in 2015, we will be providing sit down viewing sessions with the both of you (family is invited as well). At the viewing sessions, we will discuss your wedding day, talk about your honeymoon, and go over all the beautiful products we offer. 

Below is a chart of how photos are cropped to different sizes. Photos come out in a ratio of 2:3. SO a 4x6 fits a photo perfectly as opposed to an 8x10 where the photo needs to be cropped. 

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